To build awareness, showing that everyone can be a participant, regardless of disability, in anything that they choose. Being disabled doesn't mean that you cannot achieve goals. We provide opportunities to those with special needs who want the thrill of racing by providing the "Pit Crew" and the racing chairs for 5k, half marathons, marathons and triathlons. 

Team Kevin Strive raises awareness, and also raises funds to purchase additional chairs and equipment for future races.  Chairs range anywhere from $1000 - $3000 in price - the more chairs available, the more kids can participate.

our team

Our team is made up of volunteers that share a passion for an active lifestyle.  Most of the volunteers/friends are fellow triathletes/runners/swimmers/bikers that met either at the gym, at a race or training for an event.  

about us

Team Kevin Strive started when Kim Hansen entered herself and her son Kevin in a race.  Kevin is a special needs teen who is medically fragile, but loves to be active and loves to be around people, especially his mom!  What started as something special that Kevin and Kim could share together is now becoming a much larger endeavor, so that more special needs children can share the same joy.
We want other special needs kids to have as much fun as Kevin!

Our founder

You can do it if you just TRI !

what we do

Team Kevin Strive's goal is to raise money for special wheelchairs designed for racing, enabling special needs kids to participate in race events in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Team Kevin Strive